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September 2006

Employer's Arbitration Policy Violates the NLRA

Many employer policies require employees to arbitrate disputes that are related to employment. First, the NLRB recently found that such a policy was so broad that employees might reasonably think it prohibited them from filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board.  The policy stated that it applied to claims recognized by “federal law or regulations”. Employees could reasonably think this prohibited filing NLRB unfair labor practice charges.
Second, the policy stated that agreeing to the policy was a condition of employment. The Board majority held that employees might reasonably think this meant that they risked losing their jobs if they filed Board charges and did not use the arbitration procedures. This violated sec.8(a)(1). U-Haul Co. of California, 347 NLRB No. 34 (June 8, 2006)
The Board majority also pointed out that courts and other administrative agencies have consistently recognized that employees have a nonwaivable right to file charges with the EEOC, and that mandatory arbitration provisions that attempt to restrict such rights are void and invalid as a matter of public policy. That right is confirmed in the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990 (OWBRA): “No waiver may be used to justify interfering with the protected right of an employee to file a charge or participate in an investigation or proceeding conducted by the Commission.” 29 U.S.C. § 626(f)(4).

Taxing Compensatory Damages Unconstitutional
Recently the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held that taxing compensatory damages that were awarded for injury to reputation and for mental anguish and distress violated the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, the plaintiff, a whistleblower, was entitled to a refund of the federal income tax she paid on the damages award. The 16th Amendment authorizes only taxing incomes. Portions of the damage award that were not compensation for something that normally would be taxed as lost income could not be treated as income and taxed. Damages for injury to reputation or mental distress are more in the nature of restoration of capital – not income – and therefore not taxable. Murphy v. Internal Revenue Serv., Case No. 05-5139 (D.C. Cir. Aug. 22, 2006).

No District Court Jurisdiction Over NLRB ULP Proceedings
Recently the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that respondents must raise and exhaust their constitutional claims within an NLRB unfair practice hearing. They may not go to district court in order to enjoin an NLRB proceeding. Once the NLRB has ruled, that proper procedure is to seek review of that decision in federal appellate court. The court noted that allowing the district court case to proceed could result in a delay of as much as three years. AMERCO v. NLRB, Case No.04-16389 (9th Cir. Aug. 10, 2006)

Wage-Hour Retaliation - State Claim and NLRA Claim for PCA?
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently held that state anti-retaliation law protected employees who complained to management that its new tip policy violated state wage law and that they were not receiving all their tips. Therefore, they could sue the employer for unlawfully firing them in retaliation for their complaints. Smith v. Winter Place LLC, Case No.SJC-09544 (Mass. Aug. 1,2006).
Such employees might also have a claim under the National Labor Relations Act for retaliating against employees who were engaged in concerted activity concerning wages, hours, and working conditions.

Neutrality Agreement Violated
In a recent case, an arbitrator found that the employer had violated its neutrality agreement and that this violation may have caused the union's loss of a non-NLRB election that was supervised by an arbitrator. The arbitrator ruled that the employer must submit campaign materials to the union for review in future elections in order to prevent improper influence that might taint the campaign. Quebecor World Inc., Arb. Brent, 2006, (July 21, 2006).

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