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Available to LERA members through a password-protected server, the online Members Library gives members access to the LERA Member Directory, issues of LERA's bi-annual magazine, Perspectives on Work, the LERA Annual Meeting Proceedings, and the quarterly LERA Newsletter. If you are not yet a member of LERA, and would like to visit the LERA Publications Library, sign up today with our online Membership Form.

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The online LERA Members Directory is a complement to the printed directory that is published every four years. You may update your contact information or look up information for fellow members. Visit the password-protected Member Directory in the online library.


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Begun in 1997, Perspectives on Work, LERA's highly-acclaimed magazine, celebrates LERA’s rich history by looking forward. Readers learn about the issues that concern the LERA—striving to make the workplace and employment relationships work for all stakeholders. Read complimentary issues and access the online library for back issues of Perspectives on Work.

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The LERA Annual Meeting Proceedings records papers and presentations at each year's meeting. Members receive complimentary copies, and non-members can purchase a copy from LERA. Past issues of the Proceedings can be read online in the Members Library.


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LERA scholars and practicioners contribute to the annual Research Volume to produce a prestigious collection of essays and articles for members of the labor and employment relations fields. Members may view issues of the Research Volume online in the Members Library, or you may order hard copies of articles or full issues of the Research Volume.


LERA Newsletter » click here

The LERA Newsletter is a quarterly publication distributed to LERA members. The newsletter provides information about LERA programming, local chapters, membership issues, and ballots for elections. Members often share the newsletter as an example of the services LERA provides to members of our community. Past issues can be downloaded as PDFs from the Members Library.


Labor and Employment Law Online Newsletter

The Labor and Employment Law Online Newsletter, a publication of the LEL Interest Section, is edited by Ellen Dannin of Pennsylvania State University. The newsletter is available each month via the LERA email listserv. Back issues of of LEL can be accessed at the LEL Newsletters Index.


LERA Author and Submission Guidelines
General Information on publication guidelines for persons who have presented a paper in an LERA Annual Meeting symposium including:
- LERA Proceedings Submission Guidelines
- Research Volume Submission Guildelines

Other Submission Guidelines
- Industrial Relations Journal (IRJ) Submission Guidelines
- Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations (AILR) Submission Guidelines
- Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ILRR) Submission Guidelines
- Labor Studies Journal (LSJ) Submission Guidelines

Book and Journal Discounts for LERA Members
Cornell University Press: 20% Discount for LERA Members
British Journal of Industrial Relations: 25% Discount for LERA Members
W.E. Upjohn Institute: 20% Discount for LERA Members
The SAGE Handbook of Industrial Relations, 20% discount for LERA Members

LERA Publication Indices
Author Index to LERA Publications, 1992-2002
Subject Index to LERA Publications, 1992-2002

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