Airline Industry Council Charter

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Preamble: This Charter is intended to provide overall guidance and continuity for the Airline Industry Council, which operates under the auspices of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA).

Title: The Airline Industry Council

Aim: We are committed to promoting constructive dialogue and action on issues of policy, practice, theory and research that lie at the intersection of the interests of labor, management, government, neutrals and scholars, in the airline industry. Our scope includes the global airline industry, with attention to traditional airlines, the new emerging low cost sector, and to a lesser extent, regional and charter airlines.

Structure and Operations: This Council will have a minimum of three co-chairs representing the management, labor and neutral, academic or policy-making communities. Each co-chair will serve for a two-year term, after which time new co-chairs will be selected by the Council membership. For the first two years of operation, we will have 4 co-chairs, including:

Academic Co-Chairs
Thomas A. Kochan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jody Hoffer Gittell, Brandeis University

Labor Co-Chair
Pat Friend Association of Flight Attendants

Management Co-Chair
Rob DeLucia, Airline Industrial Relations Conference

The Council membership will include a minimum of 12 members (inclusive of the leadership co-chairs). Each member will serve for a five-year term. For the first five years of operation, these members will include:

Academic Members
Thomas A. Kochan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jody Hoffer Gittell, Brandeis University
Robert McKersie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrew von Nordenflycht, Simon Frasier University
Nancy Brown Johnson, University of Kentucky
Richard Barnes, W.J. Usery Center, Georgia State Univ.
Molly Bowers, University of Baltimore
Arthur Dobbelaere, Midwestern University
Tony Dundon, National University of Ireland at Galway
David Gray, University of Texas at Arlington
William McGee, University of North Texas
Ronald Joseph Schenone, Emeritus
Kenneth Thornicroft, University of Victoria
Louise Berman Wolitz, University of Texas at Austin

Labor Members
Pat Friend, Association of Flight Attendants
Clare Burt, Association of Flight Attendants
Arthur Luby, Transportation Workers Union
Robert Wechsler, Transportation Workers Union
Seth Rosen, Air Line Pilots Association
Steve Crable, Air Line Pilots Association
Beth Almeida, International Association of Machinists
Neil Gladstein, International Association of Machinists
Robert Bryant Paddock, IUOE
Gregory Woodhead, AFL-CIO

Management Members
Robert DeLucia, Airline Industrial Relations Conference
Frederick Deck II, Airline Industrial Relations Conference
Jeff Brundage, American Airlines
Jerry Glass, USAirways
Bernhard Rikardsen, Scandinavian Airlines
Al Spain, JetBlue Airways
Clay Langhurst, Boeing
John Torpey, Jr., Raytheon

Government and Neutral Members
Harry Hoglander, National Mediation Board (current chair)
Ed Fitzmaurice, National Mediation Board (member)
Read van de Water, National Mediation Board (member)
Ginette Brazeau, FMCS
Gary Anderson, Attorney, Arbitrator and Mediator
Gary Axon, Arbitrator
Mike Campbell, Attorney
Dineo Coleman-Gary, Arbitrator and Mediator
James Collins, Arbitrator and Mediator
Richard Colvin, Arbitrator
Tia Schneider Denenberg, Arbitrator and Mediator
Janice Frankman, Arbitrator and Mediator
Martha Garcia, Attorney
Michael David Gordon, Attorney and Arbitrator
Marcia Greenbaum, Arbitrator
Margery Gootnick, Arbitrator
I.B. Helburn, Arbitrator and Mediator
Wayne Horvitz, Arbitrator and Mediator
Joan Ilvicki, Mediator
Sharon Imes, Arbitrator
Magdalena Jacobson, Mediator
John Keltner, Consultant
Kathryn Kobe, Consultant
Edward Krinsky, Arbitrator and Mediator
Jean Lenderking, Consultant
Jack Phillips, Consultant
Thomas Roth, Consultant
Richard Sambuco, Arbitrator
Robert Savelson, Attorney
Tama Traberman, Arbitrator
Richard Vitarelli, Attorney
L.E. Wagner, Arbitrator and Mediator
Robert Williams, Arbitrator

The Council will meet a minimum of once per year, concurrent with the annual Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) meetings held in early January in alternating cities and at another time if appropriate.

Decision making within the Council will be on a consensus basis, including modifications to this Charter.

Consistent with the LERA Constitution and tax laws which govern 501 (C) (3) non profit organizations, the Council may act as a forum for constructive dialogue on policy matters, but it will not act in a lobbying capacity on a partisan basis unless there is a consensus of the Council membership and written approval from the LERA executive board.

This Charter is granted to the Council by the LERA Executive Board for a period of five years and is renewable thereafter for additional five-year terms.

Scope of Activities: The Airline Industry Council will develop programming relevant to the airline industry for sessions during the pre or post-conference portions of the LERA National Meeting, as well as submit session proposals for consideration during the regular conference program and the National Policy Forum.

The Council will establish links with appropriate LERA Chapters, including the Work and Employment Relations Network. The Council will also establish links with professional associations relevant to the airline industry, including the MIT Global Airline Industry Program, the National Mediation Board, the Airline Industrial Relations Conference, the Airline Personnel Directors Conference, and the unions that represent airline employees. We will engage in other activities consistent with our aim (stated above) and with the broader mission of the LERA.

We hereby agree to serve as members of the Airline Industry Council, as laid out in this Charter:
Thomas A. Kochan
Jody Hoffer Gittell
Pat Friend
Mike Campbell
Robert McKersie
Andrew von Nordenflycht
Nancy Brown Johnson
Richard Barnes
Arthur Luby
Clare Burt
Seth Rosen
Steve Crable
Beth Almeida
Jerry Glass
Jeff Brundage
Bernhard Rikardsen
Al Spain
Rob DeLucia
Magdalena Jacobson
Ed Fitzmaurice
Read van de Water
Harry Hoglander
Marcia Greenbaum
Margery Gootnick

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